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Recycling Guide

Welcome to Casepak

We are one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies. We’re passionate about recycling excellence and provide outstanding recycling services to clients across the UK.

Recycling services

We have two recycling facilities centrally located in the East Midlands. Our Collection and Processing Facility provides specialist source segregated paper recycling, cardboard recycling and plastics recycling services. Our Materials Recycling Facility is one of the most advanced plants of its kind in the UK. It sorts dry mixed recyclables and meets and exceeds MRF Code of Practice requirements while producing TEEP compliant outputs. Click here for details of the materials we can recycle for you through our:

Collections and Processing Facility
Materials Recycling Facility

Local authority recycling excellence

We work in partnership with many local authority recycling and waste management teams, helping them to divert increasing quantities of waste away from landfill while maximising the quality and value of material outputs from dry mixed recycling schemes.

Our MRF exceeds Code of Conduct requirements and is TEEP compliant. It recovers 97% of all material received.

For more information on our local authority recycling services click here.

Commercial recycling

Regardless of size or operation, effective and efficient waste management and recycling programmes help most commercial organisations become more sustainable. Casepak helps businesses across the UK to make simple changes to waste less, send less to landfill and recycle more. This reduces landfill tax costs, reduces logistics costs and movements and can turn recycling into a new revenue stream. It also improves environmental performance.

For more information on our commercial recycling services click here.