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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Casepak, we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. As a successful business, we are a part of the local, national and global community, and we know that it’s important that the decisions we make and the way that we act is responsible and sustainable.

Because we work in the environmental sector, we’re passionate about delivering improvements in recycling, cutting waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But our commitment to CSR goes beyond the environment.

For us, being sustainable also means offering employment opportunities, helping the community and providing essential educational support.

Casepak and the environment

Each year England generates around 177 million tonnes of waste. Much still ends up in landfill resulting in:

Sending waste to landfill is unsustainable. Many resources can be recycled several times over. Paper fibres, for example, can be recycled approximately seven times. At Casepak we believe that recycling makes sense. After all, why use virgin resources when we already have a more sustainable alternative?

New waste technologies and treatments are being developed which will enable more materials to be recycled in the future. At Casepak we are committed to this process. Apart from making good financial sense and maximising the use of precious resources, landfilling produces methane which is one of the world’s most potent greenhouse gases. To put this into context, methane can be up to 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Reducing the amount of methane produced is essential.

The UK still has a way to go. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ Provisional Statistics on Waste for the period April to June 2014 show that 48.5% of household waste was recycled.

At Casepak we are a zero waste company. We promote recycling within the home to all of our employees and work with our customers to help them meet their zero waste objectives. We also provide educational support to schools learning about or putting in place recycling programmes.



Casepak employs more than 100 people in Leicester, helping to strengthen the city’s economy. We have strong links with the Leicester business community and sponsor a variety of local charities which include:

We also sponsor our staff on numerous charitable events throughout the year and support national charity fundraising initiatives including Children in Need, Comic Relief and Macmillan Coffee Mornings.

Casepak has provided sports shirts for a local primary school through a Midlands’ sports initiative, encouraging early participation in team events.

We have also helped young gardeners at Beaumont Leys School by providing sponsorship for a new garden which provides students with hands-on horticultural experience.



Our Materials Recycling Facility incorporates a dedicated sustainable waste education centre where students can learn about the real world of recycling and waste management.

Here, students from Year Five upwards can see how the items that they recycle at home are sorted and separated, ready to be sent on to a recycling reprocessor. They will learn how their recycling actions can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and see exactly what their recycled items can be turned in to.

For older students, there’s an opportunity to discuss careers in the waste and recycling sector and to consider more in-depth environmental areas.

Our school’s programme includes:

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We also have a virtual education room – which you can visit by clicking here.