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Government waste strategy aims to boost recycling efforts

The Government’s new Resources & Waste Strategy sets out plans to hold producers of waste responsible by ensuring they cover the full costs of recycling and collecting material Read more

Championing career achievements at Casepak!

There has been much to celebrate at the start of November, with two of Casepak’s team marking milestone employment anniversaries. Read more

Harnessing the power of plastics

To help households manage their plastic recycling as efficiently and effectively as possible, we’ve produced a few helpful tips Read more

Strong secondary markets key to tackling gulf in plastic recycling

This month a report presented by the Resourcing the Futures Partnership has highlighted the crucial role that the UK's secondary commodities market can play in tackling the problem of plastic waste. Read more

Casepak welcomes the EU’s Plastics Strategy

Last week the European Union published its Plastics Strategy, in large part a response to China's recent decision to ban imports of low grade plastic waste. Read more

What will China’s ban mean for the industry?

Earlier this year, China shocked the industry with the news that it planned to introduce tougher waste import controls, including a ban on 24 kinds of solid waste such as plastics , unsorted waste paper and waste textiles materials. Read more

Has the meaning of recycling been forgotten?

Let's celebrate the great achievements the UK's recycling industry has achieved so far, and work hard to continue these efforts! Read more

There’s a strong case to keep recycling targets, post-Brexit

Since the UK’s vote to leave the European Union back in June 2016, many of us in the waste and recycling sector have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting some firm statements from Government about the role that our industry will play in a post-Brexit economy. Read more

Casepak welcomes Government’s industrial strategy

The Prime Minister recently launched the Government’s Green Paper ‘Building Our Industrial Strategy’, which sets out a series of proposals to develop a modern industrial strategy that will “deliver long-term, sustainable success” for the UK’s economy and society. Read more

November 2015 spending review

George Osborne’s spending review could potentially be a great help to the waste and recycling industry. Read more

New CIWM president outlines key themes

The new Chartered Institution for Wastes Management (CIWM) president, Jim Baird used his inauguration earlier this month to outline a number of themes for his presidential year. Read more

Wise words from the Resource Association

Ray Georgeson, the Resource Association’s chief executive has called for Prime Minister, David Cameron to take his ‘blue-collar’ Conservatism and transform it into ‘green-collar’ Conservatism. Read more

What will a new treatment standard for RDF mean?

Earlier this month the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced plans for a new treatment standard for RDF (refuse-derived fuel). Read more

How does recycling fit into the circular economy?

Last week, the Environment Audit Committee issued a new report about the UK’s circular economy. Read more

What does your recycling residue tell you?

The quality of resource that results from local authority commingled dry mixed recycling collections varies. Read more

Where would we be without the EU’s landfill directive?

European Union legislation and directives have played a huge role in the development of the UK’s recycling sector, and the results we’ve achieved to date. Read more

Casepak secures 700,000tpa can contract with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

We are delighted to announce that Casepak has secured a three year contract with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Read more

Pre-employment training at the MRF

Pre-employment training will take place at the Casepak MRF from 22/10/2012 for 2 weeks. Read more

It might be raining outside … but I’m basking in a winning glow

When we won the Leicestershire Business of the Year Award, I hadn’t quite realised the magnitude of our success. Read more

Full ISO Accreditation for the Casepak MRF in just six months!

Following a successful Stage 2 Audit here at the Casepak MRF, we’ve just received notification that we have attained full ISO Accreditation just six months after becoming operational. Read more

A Casepak welcome to 2012

2012 got off to a great start with the official launch of our MRF on 16th January. It was a great pleasure to welcome Environment Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach as our guest of honour who gave a speech and had a tour of the MRF. Read more

Leicestershire Business Awards 2012

Great news: Casepak has made it through as a finalist in two categories of the Leicestershire Business Awards. Read more

MRF coming together

Another early start! Try installing a state-of-the-art MRF in a 24 hour day when you could do with double that time. Never mind you can't short-cut doing things properly can you. Read more