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Collections and Processing Facility

The Casepak Collections and Processing Facility provides materials sorting, grading, baling and trading services for commercial and industrial organisations and local authorities with segregated recycling collections. Using this service, we will recover 99% of all materials delivered and optimise material value.

Most material outputs are supplied to UK reprocessors.

Our large fleet of resource recovery collection vehicles is centrally based in Leicester to provide both local and nationwide collection services for all grades of recovered paper, cardboard and plastic packaging. These services provide recycling excellence for:

Recyclable materials

The Casepak Collections and Processing Facility sorts, grades, bales and trades the following source segregated recyclable materials:

Managing your materials

To help ensure you achieve the very best recycling results, the Casepak team is on hand to help you through the entire recycling process. We can provide waste audits, develop waste management programmes, install and maintain specialist on-site recycling equipment – and help you with essential compliance, legislation and reporting too.
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Recycling process

On arrival your recovered materials will be inspected to ensure that they are free of contaminants. They are then sorted into different grades, baled and stored ready for delivery to an appropriate reprocessor. Some material may be supplied loose if requested by the reprocessor.

Once processed, we store the recovered paper, cardboard and plastics grades separately before dispatching them to reprocessors. All of our recycled material consignments have an audit trail, enabling you to demonstrate how your sustainable waste management programmes work and how the material is diverted and used.


Material destinations

Sorting your waste and sending your recyclable materials to a waste management company is only the start of the process.

Once the recycled materials have been sorted, graded and baled, the Casepak team will sell the materials to a reprocessor. Demand for good quality recycled materials is high, so by keeping our materials dry and free from contaminants, we ensure that we achieve the best possible resource value.

Where possible, we send materials to UK reprocessors, helping to close the recycling loop. Should materials need to be exported for recycling, this is always in line with all relevant legislation, including the stringent protocols specified in the waste shipment regulations and auditing processes of the Environment Agency.

At Casepak, we will tell you who has received your material and what it has been used to produce, giving you peace of mind that your actions are sustainable.

Typical material destinations are listed below:

For more information on materials trading and export, please visit our partner company’s website – 



We rigorously analyse and report on all materials processed at the CPF. These reports form the basis of our partnership approach to continuous recycling improvement.

Reports are prepared in a standard, easy to read format and can be amended and timed to meet customer requirements. They are available in print, email and online formats.


Account management

All Casepak customers have a dedicated account management support team. Led by an account manager, it’s their role to see that all aspects of the Casepak service are responsive, timely, professional and personable.

Whether you need help with recycling collections, recycling equipment, an emergency call out or advice on waste legislation and reporting, your account manager will be on hand to help.