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Tewkesbury Visit 23.05.2022 (1)

Tewkesbury councillors visit Casepak for behind-the-scenes MRF tour

Tewkesbury collection vehicle

Casepak recently welcomed a group of councillors and staff, including the Head of Community Services and the Waste Service Manager, from Tewkesbury Borough Council to the MRF.  

Casepak has been working with Tewkesbury Borough Council since March 2021 when the company won a tender to process circa 10,000 tonnes of mixed material each year. The council’s recycling rate stands at 51%, and Casepak is working closely with them to help boost this figure. 

Due to Covid restrictions, the visit was the first opportunity Council members and staff have had to see the MRF since the contract commenced last year. The group got to see the MRF process and the sampling and grading procedure, and learnt where the paper, cardboard, plastics, cartons, glass and metals they send to the facility on behalf of residents go, and how material is sorted before being baled and sent to re-processors. 

The visit sparked a lot of questions on how the Council can improve the quality of recycling and help residents to better understand what can and can’t be recycled. 

Cllr Jim Mason, Deputy Leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council and Lead Member for Clean and Green Environment, who attended the visit, said: “I was delighted to visit Casepak recently, alongside other councillors and officers from our waste services team. We were taken on a guided tour of the whole site and were able to see for ourselves exactly what happens to recycling once it leaves our residents’ bins. 

“We were shown how the facility uses a range of processes to separate our recycling – we watched how paper and card are sorted both mechanically and by hand, and how aluminium and steel cans are separated through the use of eddy currents and magnets. 

“Once the materials were separated, we saw how they were baled ready for the next stage, which is to reprocess them back into new products such as cans, cardboard boxes and glass bottles. 

“We were pleased to hear that the recycling from Tewkesbury Borough residents is considered to be one of the best for quality – as ever, we’d like to remind people not to contaminate their recycling, and to put things such as carrier bags and flower pots in their general waste bins.” 

Jacob Smith, Casepak’s Operations Manager, said: “We were delighted to welcome Tewkesbury councillors and staff to visit our MRF. It was a great opportunity for them to see behind the scenes, and everyone was particularity interested in what happens to the material once it arrives here. We hope the visit will encourage everyone to help residents recycle as much as they can to help reach the council’s recycling targets.”    

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