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Time to clean up recycling in the bathroom

A recent report calls for manufacturers of common bathroom toiletries to improve product labelling by providing consumers with clear instructions on how they can be recycled.  

The analysis conducted by consumer watchdog Which? reported that the majority of products reviewed had no recycling messaging, despite being at least partially recyclable, and just six had accurate labelling of recycling instruction.  

Which? also reported 67% of consumers thought that recyclable packaging was important, but 65% indicated that they were not reducing plastics use in the bathroom. Furthermore, a third said it was ‘too difficult’ to replace products they regularly use, and 16% stated they did not know how to cut back on bathroom plastic.  

Lee Bradbury, Casepak’s MRF Manager, said: “Providing clear information on whether packaging can be recycled is certainly a step in the right direction, and Which? is right to call on manufacturers to improve their messaging. However, more could be done at a product design stage, both to remove unnecessary packaging from products, and ensure that materials are recyclable. 

“Whilst we can understand that manufacturers may not want to take such a big step, we encourage them to think about recycling messages on packaging to make it clear to consumers which parts of an item can be recycled. It’s all about education and clear information.  

“Of course, consumers also need to take responsibility for the way they dispose of used items, but clearer packaging and labelling will go a long way in aiding the process of responsible disposal. 

“The Casepak MRF is one of the UK’s most technologically-advanced facilities, so we do have the capacity to accept material such as coloured HDPE and PET. However, joined-up recycling messaging set by manufacturers would make a real difference to recycling facility operators and consumers alike. 

“If consumers are unsure the best thing to do is to check the labelling thoroughly and take advice from their local authority. If an item is accepted as part of the recycling collection, then make sure the material is contaminant free – wash out any shampoo or soap residue, then leave the bottle to dry before placing it in the recycling.”   

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